It’s lonely trying to fit in and do what you’re supposed to. The more you try to get it right, the more you’re sure that something is wrong, with you. It seems like everyone else is so put together. But it’s not true.

How could anyone else know the right way to be “you”?

If you’re like me, you believe that each person has a unique gift. Something they alone offer to the world in this lifetime. It’s a shame that so many of us hide that gift for fear of judgment, to avoid being vulnerable.

It’s time to proudly claim who you are. Who you were born to be. The world needs that!

Colleen is my go-to adult if I ever need any type of advice. She makes sure that if I’m ever in crisis I know that I am cared for and that life is better with me in it. When I first met her, I was struggling to figure out who I was and how to find my voice and use it for greatness. After being mentored and speaking with and creating a bond with this woman, I can see that it is so much more than just words for her. She means it with every ounce of her heart.

Catherine Roberts – Age 19

I was in denial about being lonely and resigned about ever getting married.  Disrespected at my job. Coming home to no one and wondering why. I felt worthless, but I knew I wasn't. Then I met with Colleen. Conversations with Colleen were very powerful and gentle at the same time.  I felt so understood. She helped me to see where I was wasn't being myself.  Where I was pretending to be someone else and resenting that people weren't respecting me. But how could they know me? Today I am happily married to an amazing man who is my partner in life and in business.  Colleen helped me create that.

Dayna Campbell – Developer/Real Estate Investor


I help people know who they truly are and to find the confidence to express that in business and personal relationships. Using a three-step process, we define a personal criteria for knowing:


How do you know who you are.


How to teach others who you are
and how to engage with you.


How you manage who you are over time.

We all want to be known. We all want deep, intimate relationships. We just don’t want the risk and vulnerability that goes with it. The work I do helps people increase their confidence and minimize their experience of vulnerability. The outcome is feeling fully expressed and fully alive.


As we go through life, our relationships, circumstances, and priorities change. For many of us, that means that “we” change. Wouldn’t we have to? But, if we change, do we become someone else?



Conversations with clients from around the world to exercise their ability to recognize where and how they teach others who they are, in business, in love and at home, so they are free to confidently make choices in life consistent with who they naturally are.



Keynotes, Workshops and Breakout Sessions on defining your personal brand, personal branding, and business culture, and personal brands in a blended work environment.



Local and travel workshop retreats combining both the theory and practice of discovering ones authentic self and ways to alter daily living by teaching others who they are and how to engage with them.  I guide participants in defining their own criteria based on their own values and priorities.